Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Perhaps I'm not so resolute after all

Since we're nearly done with January, I thought I'd review my list of New Year's Resolutions and see how I'm doing.

  • Restraining myself on yarn purchases -- Well, there was the one day I went to Knitch (during a sale, no less) and managed not to buy anything. I get points for that, right? Enough points to make up for indulging in Webs alpaca closeouts?
  • Designing my own patterns -- Was making progress on my scarf, till I realized I was one stitch off and though I could have just ignored it like I do when I'm working from other people's patterns and worked around it and no one would have noticed, I frogged the whole thing because it's my pattern, so it's different.
  • Using up stash yarn -- Ha. Bwahahahahahahaaaa.
  • Crocheting socks -- I've got two cuffs and half an ankle. Compared to my other resolutions, this qualifies as positively impressive.

If I didn't mention a resolution, assume I haven't even tried to keep it yet. But I'm not worried, I still have eleven months to procrastinate, I mean keep my resolutions.

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