Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sock stress

So last night I finished the second cuff of the Looks Knit Great Fit socks. Then I stared at them in delight for a while because they're just the same size. Then I looked at the next part of the pattern and that's when I started getting nervous. Heel flap? I'm not even sure what a heel flap is, exactly, and I've been wearing socks my whole life! This is going to be the hard part, I can tell already. I've kinda lost the gauge because I had to make the cuffs bigger to fit me, so I'm not even sure that the directions will hold water now.

But I will persevere. Because socks may be intimidating, but the Panda Silk is worth it. The socks, they will be mine. Muahahahahahaaa.

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Michelle said...

Don't worry! There are a couple of ways to make heels in socks and the heel flap is one of them. Basically you crochet a "flap" (well, hello!) approximately a third of the width of your sock, and once it's long enough you crochet along the edge of the flap and back around the sock leg again to create a heel gusset and the foot of the sock.

But yeah, ignore me and just follow the directions in the pattern - you'll be fine!