Saturday, January 5, 2008

Not dead. Yet.

For those of you (all two of you) wondering where I've been, I've been knocked on my butt by what is by my standards an exceptionally bad cold. Even with all the ideas floating around in my head, I just lack the energy to crochet or really do much of anything other than lie on the couch idly surfing Ravelry. Oh, and buying yarn online. I'll be living in a cardboard box by the time I get better, but at least I'll have all that yummy yarn to keep me warm. Worse, I gave my bug to the Mad Husband so now neither one of us has anyone to take care of us. We just take turns grunting at each other to get the orange juice while we're up.

If I could just motivate myself to pick up the hook, I figure I'd probably feel better or at least distracted, but right now that's just not enough motivation. I may just hand-roll some skeins into balls because it requires no brainpower and at least I'll get to play with the yummy yarn.

(The Mad Husband has begun referring to really soft yarns as "yummy." It's wicked cute.)


Gotta Knit! said...

Yikes! Hope you feel better soon.

Kim said...

Feel better!

Eve said...

At least it's almost warm enough to sit outside and bake in the sun. That will cook out some of those cold germs.