Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The joy of sox

I'm really starting to understand why so many of my knitting friends are obsessed with socks:
  • They're portable.
  • Sock yarn comes in all sorts of wild colorways that might be scary in sweaters, but are fun in socks.
  • You can splurge on the good yarn because you only need a ball or two.
  • You get hundreds of yards out of that ball which will keep you busy (and hopefully not buying yarn) for a while.
While I admired my friends' socks, I didn't think I was interested in making them myself, because for me socks are boring and utilitarian. I don't even really have my own socks -- the Mad Husband and I share a large stockpile of black socks because they match our shoes. But now I get it. Handmade socks are beautiful little works of art.

The Looks Knit Great Fit socks are made in the opposite direction of most of the socks I've seen knitters working on -- you start with the cuff. Luckily I'd learned a lot about how important to try socks on as you go by watching those knitters, so that didn't come as a surprise. Camanomade suggested making the two cuffs first so I could make sure they're the same size, so now I'm happily hooking away on cuff #2. I was so excited when I reached the point where I understood how this big flat piece I was working on would become the cuff. It sort of clicked and now I'm all sorts of excited to see how these turn out.

Though frankly, even if the pattern weren't making sense to me, I'd still be enthralled because of the Panda Silk. I might marry this yarn if I weren't already taken.


Eve said...

Welcome to the sock side, young Skywalker. (channeling the evil yarn store employee)

Eve said...

Oops! that just slipped out. The sock looks great. Is the entire sock crocheted flat and then seamed?

Kim said...

I've said it once, but I have to say it again. Welcome to the dark side. Have a cookie.

The Mad Crocheter said...

Eve -- the cuff is crocheted flat, but I don't think the rest is. I'll be sure to bring it in for show and tell!

Sally said...

I can't wait to see the finished project. And don't encourage me to buy more yarn! My husband is ready to move out as it is. ;o)

PS What's your handle on Ravelry? I forget.