Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow and socks

This morning I looked outside and much to my Southern joy, it was snowing! Sticking, even. Snow is always a cause for panic and celebration in the South. Panic because we don't know what we're doing and can't drive in snow and must all run to the grocery to buy milk, eggs, and bread if snow is predicted. Even if we don't even use milk, eggs, and bread. It's a tradition. And celebration because everything in the South tends to shut down at the sight of snow. And we Southerners sure do like to sit in nice warm houses and look at the snow and/or go outside and play in the snow (though it's rare that we have enough snow for a snowman). And it always melts before we have to shovel it or anything unpleasant like that. So to us it's just fun. Hopefully now this makes a little more sense to those from regions with lots of snow. I hear snow gets old really fast when you have it six months out of the year.

Of course the snow is a little less exciting because it's happening during a three-day weekend.

Even so, I did venture outside in the snow because I managed to lose my I hook this week and I can't do any work on my Crochet Chocolate Top without one. Can you believe that pattern is from Moda Dea? They're making some real progress, I think. I'm doing it in Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton which is like crocheting with a big fluffy cloud.

Of course this is where the problems started because Needle Nook has a $10 debit card minimum and the hook was only $2.25. Luckily (or unluckily for my supposed yarn diet), I fell in love with Crystal Palace Panda Silk sock yarn in the jade colorway. It was so pretty and soft, and also machine washable, which Alpaca Sox is not. I'd wondered if alpaca socks might be too warm for Atlanta, so I think you can tell what happened: I got the Panda Silk and I'm going to frog the Alpaca Sox and use the Panda Silk instead.

I hope I didn't give the impression last night that I didn't have faith in the Looks Knit Great Fit pattern. I do. It's myself I'm worried about. But I know I've got other great crocheters to lean on (including the designer -- luv ya, Fearless Leader!), and I want to have cool socks to stick on the table at Knitch too. So here I go. It's 408 yards of sock yarn, I've got a crockpot full of chili, half a clue what I'm doing, it's snowing and I'm wearing glasses. Hit it!


Gotta Knit! said...

Did ya happen to get the latest Lion Brand Catalog? It actually has a lot of crochet patterns that look good. Course, Vanna on the cover, also looks good so some airbrushing action going on after the cover shoot.

The Mad Crocheter said...

Yeah, some of them are pretty nice! I really liked the jacket in their cashmere blend.

Michelle said...

The silk sock yarn sounds nice! Probably better suited to Atlanta weather too. Can't wait to see how your socks turn out! There's a whole world of crochet socks out there, just waiting for you!

I can't tell you how impressed I am with your snow. Here is south eastern Australia it's been stinking hot for weeks and we only just got rain and cooler weather on Friday. Snow right now would be very nice indeed!

Natalia said...

Dude, It's milk, eggs, bread, and *beer*. ;)

Kim said...

Yay! You can join me in plunking your feet unceremoniously on the table, dangerously close to other people's beverages. Ooo, and ten cool points for the Blues Brothers reference.

Diane said...

I'm cracking about the milk bread and eggs, lmao!! I'm in Michigan where we get snow all winter, and people go out and do that. What the heck is it about snow that makes people buy that stuff?