Sunday, January 13, 2008

How all this looks to a non-yarner

A little while ago I set down my computer, picked up my hook, and said "I've been spending so much time on Ravelry and my blog lately that I haven't been crocheting enough."

The Mad Husband threw both his arms in the air and shouted "WOO-HOOO!!"

I looked at him in confusion. "I already knew that," he said.

"Well, what was the 'woo-hoo' for?"

"I thought it would take you another month and a half to figure that out. I'm proud of you."

(Of course, then I had to post this on my blog, which may render the whole conversation null and void.)


Diane said...

I hear ya . . Ravelry and blogging takes away so much knitting/crocheting time. But I can't stop!

Kim said...

The Mad Husband sounds like he's perfect for you. :-)