Monday, December 31, 2007

New Yarn's Resolutions

The good hookers over at the Crochet Liberation Front have been discussing their New Year's resolutions in relation to crochet. Luckily, I've been thinking about mine for a while (as they are ever so much more interesting than the usual resolutions that I break by January 5 when I realize yet again that living on spinach makes me crazy. I mean crazier).

The Mad Crocheter's Crochet Resolutions for 2008:
  • When purchasing yarn, there are certain questions I will ask myself, such as "what will I use this for?", "do I like the color?", "am I already making something like this?", "do I have room for this?", and most importantly, "can I afford it?" I will consider the answers to these questions before buying because the answers are all more important than "WOOOHOOOOO!!! This is ON SALE!!"
  • When I am gifting someone with a piece of crochet, I will wait until I have actually finished said piece before telling them about it, lest I be greeted every time I see them with "where's my tarot bag, bitch?" (this resolution dedicated to Donna)
  • I will continue to work on designing original crochet patterns and finding publication options for them, even if it's just posting them here.
  • I will continue to do as many nifty things with crochet as possible, in interests of promoting the art and showing knitters that crochet doesn't have to suck.
  • If I crochet a gift for someone, I will keep perspective and not hover over them going "so, do you like it? Say yes you love it or I'm never making you anything again."
  • I will use up yarn in my stash, even if it is cheap acrylic crap I bought before I knew any better. After all, you can't make shelter cat beds out of cashmere. (Well, you could, but you would deserve a swift kick in the butt for it.)
  • I will actually finish the projects I've been working on forever, if only to mark them finished on Ravelry.
  • I will use Ravelry as the excellent organizational tool it is for matching up yarns and patterns so I won't have moments like the one tonight where I looked into a plastic bin full of yarn and said "I don't know what to crochet."
  • I will felt something. On purpose.
  • I will crochet some socks. Just to see what happens.
  • I will do something cool with lace, even if it kills me.
  • I will take pictures of my stash so I can stare at it lovingly when I'm bored instead of meandering onto yarn sites where I will tempt myself into breaking other resolutions.
  • I will do whatever my overlords at the Crochet Liberation Front tell me to do.
  • I will continue to seek out all the awesome there is to be found in crochet and share it here.
  • I will remember that this is crochet, not life or death. I will be unafraid to try new things, because in the end, it's all just yarn. What's the worst that could happen?


Gotta Knit! said...

Holy Cow that is a long list. Good luck on that.

Kim said...

I love it! Also, what's wrong with hovering over gift recipients and insisting that they declare their undying love of their gift and awe at your yarny talent? That's what I do.

Sally said...

Hallelujah sister. Let's take up our hooks together for the betterment of crochetkind (and to save my marriage because my husband will leave me if I buy more yarn, you know, just to have).

Isn't Ravelry one of the most awesomest inventions ever in the world?