Monday, December 10, 2007

What's my motivation? Never mind that, WHERE'S my motivation?

You know, when I got the idea to crochet my family's Christmas presents this year, I thought it was a great idea. And I still do. However, thinking it's a great idea doesn't necessarily translate to wanting to work on said presents. Not when I'm finding awesome patterns on Ravelry and sketching out my next project in my crochet notebook (I was so proud of myself, I'm tempted to scan it and post it here to bore the rest of you with it). At least my mother's scarf (to your left) is finished, aside from the pesky business of weaving in ends. (My secret to weaving in ends? Whenever I can, I try and grab the tail and crochet over it as I'm working. Helps a lot, but isn't always possible.) It was probably the longest of the projects so I guess it's good that it's finished already, except for the part about I learned how to make crochet cables doing it and now I'd rather be playing with cables.

Lidsville has me nervous. I'm pretty close to done with the crocheting, as seen at right. I just have the brim and inner band to go, I think (which means it's time to find that Alpaca Silk navy for the inner band). The crocheting has been very easy, but it's the construction that has me worried. At least my pictures match up with the wip pics that other people have posted at Ravelry, so I know I'm on the right track for now. I need to hurry up and get this one finished so I'll have a little time in case of emergency -- i.e. finished hat being too small for my dad.

Speaking of too small, I completely frogged my brother's Flyflap Cap at knitting group the other night -- the entire thing, there was yarn everywhere. I learned that apparently it's easier to frog in crochet than knit, which is another good reason for me to stick with crochet because the frog is my friend that I have to visit quite often. I've moved up to a K hook from the recommended I for my second try, and now at least I can get it on my head. Does that mean it will fit my 6'4 brother? Here's hoping. Laura Killoran hasn't steered me wrong yet.
Can you tell my family really likes blue? I'm so sick of blue. I need to do something in some really loud non-blue colors after I'm finished. Maybe something to take along while I'm visiting for the holidays. That way if a family disagreement breaks out, I can just put my head down and pretend I'm at a really difficult part in the pattern.
The photos aren't much, but now at least I have some pictures to go with my Ravelry project listings. I'm telling you, I got those first two hearts way too easy and now I'm constantly hitting reload to see if anyone else has favorited my stuff.

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Lesalicious said...

I also had plans to crochet Christmas gifts still do but, due to me finding other things I so wanted to put aside those Christmas gift. Love the scarf it is nice love the yarn. The cap is also nice to. Great job. Best of luck on your crocheting.