Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Procrastinators unite!... some other time.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit my family.

That means that tonight, I have to finish Lidsville.

I know, I know. I've been working on this damn hat forever... well, a month according to Ravelry, but it sure feels like forever. Oh look, and two weeks ago I posted that I was nearly done. Well don't I feel silly? I would, if I had time to. Of course, instead of actually finishing it here I am blogging and puttering around on Ravelry.

Don't ask me what happened with this one, because I'm not sure myself. I suspect it was a combination of "oh yay! I'm nearly finished! And I've got plenty of time! I can goof around!" and my utter intimidation over the construction of the hat. I've spent more time fretting over putting this stupid hat together than I have actually working on it. And what am I doing now, instead of working on it? Fretting on teh intarwubz. There's a lesson in this, but I don't have time to contemplate that even though it is totally obvious.

At least the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK for the inner band was at the top of the yarn bin, so I didn't have to stumble around searching for it and waking up the Mad Husband.

...And then, as if on cue, my computer went down, forcing me to get to work. Computer has recovered, back to work now, cat is trying to eat the plastic canvas that's supposed to be the hat brim, expect an incoherent and possibly drunken post announcing success/failure around three in the morning.

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