Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Sooper Secret Project -- revealed!

Presenting my first original design... The Jester Bag!

This is what I've been up to with my Mountain Colors Bearfoot and all my hinting. I've been wanting some sort of small bag to hold my yarn so I can crochet standing up and keep it safe while I'm crocheting in bars. I saw a Lantern Moon bag I liked at Knitch, but then I thought, wouldn't it be more rewarding to make my own? There are some design elements that still need refining, but I've been just dying to post it!

The bag got its name from the edging I was puzzling over... finally it came to me as I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling thinking "no more shells", use triangles like a jester's hat and attach beads to the end. (I thought about bells, but decided I didn't want people to always hear me coming.)

I attached this loop underneath the "petals" so I can clip the bag to a beltloop with a carabiner, but you could just as easily leave it off. I had originally intended a longer strap but decided I didn't want to distract from the design with a large shoulder strap sticking out.

So many thanks to all the friends who have given me feedback and encouragement on this one. I apologize for not shutting up about it all week.


Tracie said...

It looks good. I like it!

Natalia said...

I love it! Are you going to post the pattern?

Gotta Knit! said...

Submit, submit, submit that pattern! I'm telling ya having seen it in person, you have a winner that has an excellent chance at getting published!

Kim said...

So cute! I love the beads. And good choice about not using bells. The Army of Vengeance must be stealthy. Also, I agree with GK. Submit, dangit!