Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh happy day! The end is in sight!

I don't really have time to post this, but I'm doing it anyway because I'm so excited.

I'm nearly done with Lidsville! Thanks to two of the entities I rave about here the most. First, StringTheory2 helped my not-so-spatially-oriented mind see how the pieces are supposed to go together by basting them together in a contrasting yarn:

See, now it looks (kinda) like a hat! And she didn't even laugh at me when I asked for a definition of basting. Without her as my yarn mentor, I'd still be making nothing but really big afghans out of acrylic.

And then, the amazing folks at Knitch even dug up some plastic canvas for me! I am so excited to have this nearly done, and I can already tell my dad's going to love it. Now to get to Knitch before they close.

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