Thursday, December 6, 2007

First, the good news.

I did manage to finish the Sooper Secret Project last night, at least the crochet part. Now I just have to do the finishing, which will involve a search for velvet cord (can you believe Michaels doesn't have it? at Christmas?) and the ever-popular weaving in ends. *groan* If you see me tonight at Knitch, I might be persuaded to show it to you. And I made it without running out of yarn. I even have a little bit left that I'll probably have to talk myself out of using for some ridiculous embellishment. Which leads me to... The Bad News.

If You Want Crochet to Get Respect, Mad Crocheter, Then Why Do You Insist on Using Those Loud Variegated Yarns?

Afterwards, I took a picture of the almost-finished project with my cell phone and sent it to Natalia. Then I called her, eager to hear what she thought of it.

"It's very... bright."

Suddenly I'm flashing back to Project Runway, season 3, the couture episode, and remembering how much I loved Kayne's dress with the gold corset, as shown above.

And then I'm remembering how, after I'd gushed over the dress to my viewing companions, Tim Gunn delicately said of Kayne, "His taste level is just not there." And I was all OMG Tim Gunn is saying I have bad taste and now he'll never be my gay boyfriend.

I have always had a taste for the bright and gaudy. I remember shopping in department stores with my mother as a child and suggesting she try on the tops with spangles. Now that I'm grown, I may dress pretty conservatively, but it seems that now my taste for the loud has taken over my yarn shopping. And those hand-painted sock yarns look awesome as socks, but when I make something not covered by shoes out of them, do they look dorky? After all, mustard-and-avocado variegated yarn is part and parcel of the '70's crochet stereotype that's scared off so many crafters. (Along with bad acrylic and toilet-paper cozies, but we'll save those for another time.)

So, for the greater good of crochet, I wonder if it's time for me to embrace more... sedate color choices. I suppose the reaction to this project will help me decide.


Tracie said...

I loved that dress! And I think some brightly colored yarns are okay. In the right application. I think it'll be fine. :)

And you can't have Tim 'cause he's going to be MY gay boyfriend. :)

The Mad Crocheter said...

Oh dear. The hookers are about to have a throwdown over Tim... :P

Gotta Knit! said...

I've seen the said project and it didn't look bright to me. Course we were in a bar and I had had a few drinks.

I love that dress!

Natalia said...

Hey now... I was also responding to the fact that your cell phone camera magically transmographied your beige couch into a blinding yellow backdrop! ;)

Kim said...

Your project is fantastic. I love your yarn choice. I also love that dress. Now if only I could convince you to stay away from the sock yarn . . .