Friday, February 1, 2008

Not according to plan

I was dead beat when I got home tonight and just wanted some really easy crochet to work on. Somehow I ended up with the Looks Knit Great Fit socks. In retrospect, I don't think "really easy crochet" and "socks" belong in the same sentence.

Originally I was worried the socks were going to come out too small; now it seems like the left one (the only one that's gotten past the cuff) is probably going to be too big. And I should have learned more about the anatomy of socks before getting started. I'm not sure where the heel flap is supposed to end. Does it go to the bottom of the heel and then stop? What if I don't have the right number of rows yet? Normally I'd probably set about experimenting and making it up at this point, but it's been a long week and I'm tired. And I don't think I have any mindless crochet projects currently going, aside from a baby blanket that I'm just not in the mood for.

I'm wondering if I should just frog the whole thing and start over. I think making that decision tonight would qualify as rash, though. I guess I'll just go back to screwing around on Ravelry. Carpenoctem invited me to co-moderate the lazy, stupid, and godless group (intentionally lowercase because we're too lazy to capitalize), founded to mess with those who declare anyone who occasionally enjoys a good swear as "lazy, stupid, and godless." It's off to a smashing start!


Natalia said...

here's a picture of the different parts of the sock, it's knitting focused, but the structure is the same:

Camanomade said...

Message me when you get stuck!

The heel flap should measure about 3 1/2 inches tall for sizes 6-9...if you need a few more rows good. I like the heel flap to reach the middle of your heel.

Knitting anatomy won't help as much since the gussets are worked at the same time you are turning the heal in this pattern.

It will feel a little wide before you turn the heel.

MESSAGE ME!!! It's not bugging me and I'm not too busy to answer you!

Diane said...

Sometimes I just want mindless knitting, I don't want to think, just knit. Good luck with your socks! I tried knitting socks once, total disaster, haven't attempted it again.