Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mmmmmm, amigurumi

Eve is a crafty yarn pusher (pun intended). She lured me out to Needle Nook's knit night tonight by calling to let me know that the book I've been anxiously awaiting, Amigurumi Worldby Ana Paula Rimoli, had come in today. SO FREAKING CUTE. I think it's my favorite of the amigurumi books so far (though Eve and I are both impatiently waiting for Creepy Cute Crochet.I mean, who doesn't want to crochet a ninja?). Between all the amigurumi books and the needle felting cute animals books,it's a really good time for people who want to make cute animals. Though I must confess some irritation that the cutest kitty cats I've seen are knitted. Good thing I'm learning to knit, huh?

(Speaking of cute animals, Good Kitty is sitting on my feet to keep them warm. No No Bad Kitty is trying to sit on the space heater. No No Bad Kitty is also known as No No Dumb Kitty.)

I hadn't been to the Needle Nook's knit night before and I think I'm going to start making a habit of it, as the location is extremely convenient and Wednesday is the Mad Husband's night for tabletop RPGs with the boys. Everyone I met was really nice and I'm looking forward to learning from them. (Can you learn to knit by osmosis? Because if you can, I'll just handcuff myself to StringTheory2.0 and save some time.) Unfortunately I was running late tonight and just about the time I felt like I was getting a groove on in my sad little learning-to-knit swatch, it was time to leave. Also, while I've felt very little temptation to break my Lenten vow the past couple weeks, there were some beautiful new shinies that turned my head tonight. In fact, I asked Arlene if Needle Nook would be open on Easter Sunday (answer: no). I'm pretty sure that by Good Friday I'll be sitting on the sidewalk outside the yarn store scaring the people coming out with their purchases. "Hey man... can I sniff your yarn?"

Speaking of, now's a good time to mention that Eve and I are starting a crochet amigurumi group at Needle Nook this Sunday at 4 and if you're local, we would love to see you there! Actually, we'd love to see you even if you're not local, but we'll understand if you can't charter a plane to fly you out for an hour and a half.


Gotta Knit! said...

Oh Eve is great help whenever I've been to that store! You might see another knitter you know(aka the biology professor) and possibly her knitting daughter. They divide time between Arlene and Kim's stores.

Kim said...

Hey, baby, you can sniff my yarn anytime you want. (Does that sound dirty? Yeah, it sounds dirty.) :-)

Eve said...

Thanks for the compliments. I admit I push yarn so I don't have to buy so much myself. That said, I'm ready for Sunday after buying Ana Paula's book today, a bunch of Cotton Classic and 3 more hooks.

Kelly, just think of all the money you're saving right now and can spend later. Does that help at all?

Michelle said...

I love Ana Paula's creations - I have one of the amigurumi owls she crocheted, but I've never tried her patterns. Will have to check them out!

And I would totally charter a plane to your town from Canberra, Australia if I was a k'chillionaire!

katerina said...

I have the "super happy crochet cute" and I love it! Beth's designs are awesome - and I really like the laid back fashion of her writing too.