Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Look Mom! I'm purling!

So today StringTheory2.0 decided I had the knit stitch down well enough to move on to purling. Naturally we had to liveblog this too.

Says StringTheory2.0: "The purl face isn't as happy as the knit face."

And getting less happy by the minute.

Now we move on to the swearing.

StringTheory2.0: "Finally, a smile!"

Though really it's more of a sardonic "I can't believe I'm letting this yarn get the better of me" smile.

But even though purling hates me with a passion, it's okay because ST2 says she's never seen anyone work so hard and learn so fast at knitting and I'm "a bit of a fiber prodigy." It's one of the best best best compliments I've ever gotten and it's from the best knitter I know so I wanted to brag a little. Thanks ST2!


Alenna said...

Congrats! You will succeed, I'm sure of it. Beat that yarn into submission!

Kim said...

Don't worry, hon! That's the face you're SUPPOSED to make when you're learning to purl. Because it's just like the knit stitch, only . . . inside out, or something. It messes with your brain. You can do it!

Beth Todd Creatz said...

If you ask me, it looks alot like you're swearing throughout the whole process! I'm proud of you though for jumping in there and actually getting on with the knitting thing! Well done!