Monday, February 18, 2008

Confession time

No, I didn't buy yarn. My confession is not that bad and yet, immeasurably worse.

I have asked StringTheory2.0 to teach me to knit.

[pauses for all the gasps, murmurings of disbelief, and projectile objects thrown by CLF members]

ST2 says she's "highly amused at [my] feelings of pseudo guilt and betrayal." All I can say to that is, it ain't pseudo. Wasn't I dedicating myself to finding all the awesome in crochet? Didn't I insist I'd rather be really good at one fiber art than mediocre at two? Haven't I just caved to the pointy-stick peer pressure?

Entirely possible. I would tell you why I've decided now is the time to learn how to knit, if I had any idea why I'd decided that myself. For unknown reasons, one of the voices in my head has declared that it is time to learn to knit. It's not explaining why, I'm just grateful it isn't telling me it's time to run around with a raw turkey on my head.

So there are really two questions at this point: how quickly will I take to knitting, and will I like it? I know more about how yarn works than the average beginning knitter who hasn't worked with yarn before; will that help or hurt? And what if I like it? Won't I be betraying the crochet cause? I think I need to go chew on my fingernails now, and I don't even chew on my fingernails.

If nothing else, I'll be better able to speak to the differences between crochet and knitting once I learn to do both. Also, I'll probably get more of the knit jokes I hear. I'll find out what an ssk is. That's got to be worth something, right?

ST2 is trying to tell me that the fiber arts are all one big happy family, and I'm not cheating on crochet if I learn to knit. If I find a dismembered amigurumi head in my bed, I'll know she was lying.


sleepycat said...

It's okay - really.

The worst part of being bi-crafty is you now get double the amount of UFOs.

The best part is that knowing how to knit makes it easier to convert patterns from knitting to crochet.

katerina said...

I started as a crocheter, and then learned to knit, and I'm with ST2 and sleepycat - it just adds to your talents! I do think it makes your que's longer because now you have twice the options, but why is that a bad thing? ;)
I would suggest learning continential or combination knitting - I think it'll make the transition a little easier.
I know you're more of a clothing person, but one of my favorite amigurumi artists uses both in her designs and I think they compliment each other really well (

Ruby said...

Good for you! It just adds to all the fiber fun.

I'm a knitter who's trying to learn to crochet. I have already completed one dishcloth, a few crocheted brims for knitted hats, and have another dishcloth in progress. I feel I'm ready to launch into something bigger - a shawl - but that could just be a delusion on my part.

I'm confused by the whole knitting vs. crochet debate as I think any craft that results in something beautiful should be cherished.

Gotta Knit! said...

Finally! You are coming over to the dark side. At least you know a rockin group of knitters! Watch out for Kerry though, she will now be trying to lure you into spinning which is an even darker side.

The Mad Crocheter said...

Oooooh, Kerry and I have already got eeevil plans. Muahahahahaaa.

PlazaJen said...

(insert scary whispering noises) coooooooome tooooo the dahhhhhk siiiiiiide....(more scary noises)

Well, we're happy to have you, and I hope you like it! Crochet can be your first, pure love, and knitting can be the bad boy biker craft. ;)

Alenna said...

You can now make more awesome stuff. And knowing about yarn, how to construct stuff, and being used to frogging, does make knitting easier. Oh, and I'd try both continental and english knitting, see which one feels more natural. Oddly enough, despite being used to holding yarn in the left hand while crocheting, I can't hold it in the left and knit, so I learned English.
Good luck, and welcome to the club of the bi-crafty!

Lara Croft said...

There's no cause for pride in only knowing how to do one thing! And much cause for pride in knowing how to do many things. Good for you girl!

Sally said...

Whatevs. I like to knit. I like to crochet. I'm going to learn to do embroidery/crewel one of these days too.

Yay for all crafts! It's fun!