Thursday, February 28, 2008

No, NO... bad kitty.

No No Bad Kitty has had ambitions of mountain climbing recently. This is not good. She'll climb to the top of the cat tree (that is supposed to amuse her so she won't do dumb things like this) and look longingly at the top of the entertainment center where things made of glass are... The Mad Husband and I both yell at her to stop, but she totally ignores us and does whatever she wants to. Occasionally this involves knocking something over.

She just killed my piggy bank.

Of all the things that she could have broken, you would think a piggy bank would be one of the least problematic... it cost four dollars at Wal-Mart and is still available. But I'm all sorts of bummed, because I got that bank in 2000, the summer that Natalia and I lived in Nashville with a guy known as "Chow" (wasn't Asian, but wanted to be) in a crummy house that smelled like dog pee. One night we went "wild" at Wal-Mart (we were so innocent then, we actually drank wine coolers while watching "Pokemon: The First Movie" which we had rented to see how bad it was) and bought a bunch of dumb stuff for the house, including that piggy bank. It always made me think about that summer, and it just kinda broke my heart a little bit to see it lying in pieces on the floor. I didn't know I could get that nostalgic. I must be getting old. ;)

Maybe I should crochet a piggy bank. Bet No No Bad Kitty wouldn't be able to break that. She might eat it, though. No no, Bad Kitty.


Nic said...

Yea for late night Wal-Mart runs in Nashville! Me and my roomie always went, some of our favorite booty consisted of a gallon of bubbles for a buck, a box full of flav-o-ice, and cupcakes.

The Mad Crocheter said...

Natalia and I lived in McTyeire and when we got stressed we'd run across 21st Ave. (21st Ave., right?) to the CVS and would have the most INSANE shopping sprees. She once had me seriously talked into dyeing my hair platinum blond but I decided to wait and an hour later I was like "what did you almost make me do?!!" and she was all "I didn't think you'd actually go for it!"

Natalia said...

Oh my god! I had totally forgotten about the plattinum hair thing! That was a great CVS. :)

And what a weird-ass summer that was, too. You know, I've heard most women buy clothes or shoes when they are stressed... So why do I find myself at Target brousing the kitchen section looking for some clever-but-ultimately-useless geegaw to cheer me up?