Monday, March 17, 2008

I want socks.

The day I started learning to knit, I came home and was sitting on the couch trying to knit and failing when the Mad Husband turned to me and said hopefully "So. Knitted socks?" (That night he also told me to give StringTheory2.0 a message to teach me better so I wouldn't be so cranky, but I digress.)

And now I'm thinking "yeah, socks." NeedleNut said "Mad Crocheter, no" but I can't help it. I keep thinking about socks. Light Wading is always so happy with her socks. And I bet if I made the Mad Husband some socks, I might even get taken out to the Brazilian steakhouse or something. (Screw flowers. For me, the epitome of romance is the Brazilian steakhouse.)

And I don't just want socks, I want real socks. Made with pretty sock yarn. I don't wanna make big bulky worsted weight socks.

I know GottaKnit said I should wait on the socks and my first socks should be Fuzzy Feet. Intellectually I know she's totally right but I'm being all pouty about it anyway. I can't exactly show off Fuzzy Feet to everyone I meet during a day. Which will lead to me fishing for compliments from the cats. "See, No No Bad Kitty? Aren't Mommy's Fuzzy Feet awesome? ...No, don't eat it."

So where should I start? I'm debating ordering the Tsarina of Tsocks' Learn to Knit Socks Kit, but maybe I should start simpler than that. Like figuring out how to knit in the round. Okay, I promise I'll try and do the Fuzzy Feet first.


Gotta Knit! said...

Go get some pretty luxurious sock yarn and go for it! I've got several beginning sock patterns and we know Light Wading has tons of sock patterns.

I'm a big believer of just going for it. There is a lot to be said about blindly attempting and succeeding when you don't know how "hard" it is supposed to be!

Socks, socks, socks!

Eve said...

I'd say go for it, but I don't like watching the steam pouring out of her ears!

That said, I'm personally a big believer in going for it, although you may want to knit up a quick hat just to get the hang of knitting in the round before tackling those size 1 needles and sock yarn.

Anonymous said...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Eve is wise to recommend a quick hat to get you in the groove of knitting in the round. I like knitting in the round (which can also be translated as: I hate finishing) On more than one occassion I have joined incorrectly and knitted the item inside out.
As my first sock project I started Fuzzy Feet but progress on them has stalled. In the current climate of the knitting world I fear to say this bit of heresy, but I may never be a sock knitter. Oh, can't believe I admitted that!

Kim said...

You say you'll knit the fuzzy feet first. Why is it that I don't believe you?

sleepycat said...

Just go into this knowing that you really. cannot. knit. socks. in normal combined style. They will spiral. Ask me how I know ;-)

Do a hat in the round first to get used to wrapping your yarn the other direction. Or to build up your speed in standard western knit stitch.

Also, don't do a pattern with a pattern. They will take you forever anyway so don't delay yourself by trying to do something fancy. Get some nice self-striping yarn and do a plain stockinette sock. And really, plain. striping. yarn. The things that say "mock fair isle" and pretty universally sucky and no one I've seen has ever gotten the exact gauge to make it really look like fair isle.

If you want a top down heel flap and gusset, Yarn Harlot's basic sock recipe is good. If you want to go toe up, have ST2 sit with you while you turn the short row heel unless she has a good pattern with the gusset on the bottom of the foot. And if she does I want to know what it is because I want to try that too. :-)

Alenna said...

You can do it. I'm currently pondering the sock issue too, and I figure, it's the next logical step, right? You figure out the basic knit/purl thing, some basic increases and decreases, maybe make a sweater or tank top, and then come socks.
Plus, have you seen the sock yarn at Knitch? Oh, so so pretty.

Natalia said...

Why make Fuzzy Feet first? I never made them, and I can't imagine wearing giant felt boots around my house. I might go so far though as to suggest sport-weight yarn and #2 or #3 needles. But that's as big as I'll go. Embrace the small needles - they're fun! ;)

One thing I'll warn you about: People have very strong opinions about the best way to knit socks: dpns vs. 2 circulars vs. magic loop, toe-up vs top down, heel flap vs. short rows vs other more obscure types of heels. You'll get an earfull.

I've tried all of the above, and I'll just say up front, there is no universally perfect combination. A lot depends on how you like to knit and on the shape of your feet. If anyone tries to tell you that the way they like to make socks is the unequivically *best* way, blow rasberries at them.