Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finished object sighting!

Presenting... my dishcloth!

And the back!

Yes! It is just a boring dishcloth made out of Peaches 'n Cream cotton! And it rolls up on the sides! But it is MY dishcloth, and I knitted it! Combination knitted it even! I am so thrilled with my stupid little dishcloth!

But what I'm even more thrilled with is that StringTheory2.0 thinks I'm ready to tackle a pattern! I showed her the one I had in mind and she said to go for it! And I've got the perfect yarn waiting for me at home! I'm so excited I'm going to run out of exclamation points! I didn't even realize I had used one to end each sentence!


Kim said...

Go you with your exciting dishcloth! And you are so ready to tackle a pattern. I mean, I wouldn't recommend like a wedding ring shawl or anything, but the credo of knitting is "knit, purl, conquer the world." You rock. Go make James admire your dishcloth. :-)

sleepycat said...

I love dishcloths :-)

Plus, here's a secret - on garter stitch dishcloths when you knit combined your stitches will twist but it's. just. a. dishcloth. so don't stress it and after it's been through the washer and dryer once you can't even tell.