Monday, May 5, 2008

The Klingon crud

So I managed to drag my sorry butt to the Customer Spotlight Sale on Saturday, where I made a grand total of... ten bucks.

Oops. I guess people don't need chapstick cozies.

But I had a good time hanging out with Lizardsmells, who sold a ton of her awesome stitch markers, and visiting with other crafters. And overall a lot of money got raised for ovarian cancer research, though I probably would have helped raise more if instead of making my own things, I had used the money I spent on supplies to buy everyone else's lovely wares!

So now the sale is over and I'm free to work on whatever I want to, which would be totally awesome if I actually felt up to knitting. Whatever bug I've got (I'm calling it the Klingon crud) has wiped me out to the point where I needed a nap after watching a basketball game and knitting. Whoa, really intensive activity there. Worse, I've managed to misplace one DPN. I'm close to done on the first Saucy sock (the one I posted a while back) so I'm faking it with four needles until I can get a replacement, which feels weird. I see why StringTheory2.0 keeps pushing the circs. I'd lose my own head if it weren't screwed on.


anne said...

mm, I love circs. You should look at Antje Gillingham's "Knitting Circles around Socks" book. For someone who is a strictly visual learner, I found it to be extremely easy to read and understand. And you make two socks at once, which is big because I can hardly finish anything.

Kim said...

Chapstick cozies? Dammit! I need one of those! Hope you feel better soon, babe!

String Theory Blog said...

Heeeeyyyyyy - stitch markers, hun?
You know that bead thing we were talking about? Easy to make some with real easy to find findings . . . .
Food for thought.
Hope the crud goes away!