Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crochet does too have advantages over knitting

Yeah, I know. I have been totally neglecting this blog. I could argue it's because I've been doing things instead of writing about them, and that would be a good defense if everyone didn't know I love to babble.

I had a scare tonight. I went out to rifle through my crochet bag in the car looking for DPNs. I was actually worried they were missing, but I found them right off, no problem. The problem came when I came back inside and Good Kitty went running out. She hasn't tried to do that since a few years ago, when she dashed out and got menaced by the landlords' Jack Russell (oooh, scary!) and cried for her daddy to come rescue her. (Good Kitty adores the Mad Husband and only tolerates sharing him with me because otherwise the box would never get cleaned.) Luckily for me, she just wanted to wander around and gripe loudly for a couple minutes. Silly Good Kitty. I may have to give her a new nickname.

So anyway. Back to the yarn...

I'm discovering one reason that I'm better suited to crochet than knitting -- wait, two: crochet is faster so I have less time to get bored and start wondering what else I can start, and crochet hooks don't have to stay with a WIP like knitting needles do so I can start something else when my willpower fails.

Now would be the perfect time to start crocheting something, but I'm still burned out on crochet from the Customer Spotlight Sale so knitting it is.

I want to start some way-easy socks for the Mad Husband out of Trekking XXL. I have a free set of #0 DPNs, and a free set of #2 DPNs. The #1s are occupied (and I need to post a picture of what they're occupied with). The #1s would probably be the best choice for Trekking, but they're not available. I'm leaning toward the #0s because I tend to knit loose, but at this point I'm still rooting through all the Trekking socks on Ravelry trying to see if there's a clear favorite. Actually, there is: the #1s. Ooooops.

ETA: Tried the #0s. They sucked. Frogging and getting out the #2s now. If those suck, I'll just have to wait till I'm finished with the project using the #1s.


Nell said...

You can move the #1's out and replace them w/ the #0 for the time being. And leave a note to yourself that you have done so. In the sock. Believe me.
: )

Eve said...

Aw, c'mon and join the dark side. I've got more than one set of needles in those tiny sizes for that exact reason. Bwa ha ha!

(Ducks to avoid partially completed amigurumi being flung in my direction)

Carat said...

I have to agree with Eve; this seems like a perfectly valid excuse to go buy another set of needles.

Kim said...

Tagged you for a meme! No tag-backs!

Angela said...

Haha... I sacrifice speed of crocheting for knitting that's nicer looking and drapes better :)

Although I do completely agree on you with the bit about crochet being easier to switch from one project to another with the same hook.

And if I want a fabric that's thicker, sometimes I'll pick crochet over knitting ^-^

And I like the shaping of crocheted cupcakes over knitted.

ladylinoleum said...

Also, crochet makes a great structure and is better to suited to structual hats and toys than knitting.

Clotilde/Craftybegonia said...

You're right! crochet is faster. But then again, knitting has soooo many beautiful stitches, I have always been torn between the two. Yet I prefer crochet the best and always go back to it.